The chairs of Massimo-L collection represent completely wooden, metal- and plastic-free light, elegant and stackable contemporary sitting furniture for indoors and outdoors. L-shaped modular solid wood construction elements, four crossed to hold a seat and two to frame a back, represent a stable basic skeleton. Light, airy and fresh design is the identity of the collection. Accomplished details meet whole ergonomic experience, from comfort sitting, easy chair-handling, to touch- and eye-pleasantness.

Chair Massimo-L 1 is an interpretation of a classic chair. Glue-free solid wood transverse slats for seat and back have fine shaped bevel-edges distanced between themselves or fixed on the basic construction by wooden joints. Transparent character of Massimo-L 1 makes it attractive.

Chair Massimo-L 2 is characteristic for airy ergonomic shell composed by minimally rotated modular thin solid wood L-shaped elements, which enables very comfortable sitting, with self-adjusting back. A sequence of rotated L-s makes the chair look extravagant. Although different in final form, the chairs Massimo-L 1 and Massimo-L 2 are mutually stackable.

100% wood, variety of eco-challenges

In line with the idea to create light, space-saving and user-friendly sitting furniture, the challenge was to use environment-friendly materials and technologies and design a product which is at the same time beautiful, sustainable and durable. Wood is the most renewable raw material, notable for carbon emissions savings as it captures CO2 from the atmosphere when produced and not emitted more during its production.

Chairs are made of domestic wood species. For interior use maple wood was selected with its light colour and fine texture - well harmonised with elegance and lightness of the chairs. Final silk-like surface is due to finish by natural oils. Eco-friendly solution for outdoor chairs is thermally modified wood (Silvapro®), result of special heat treatment of 100% natural processing with no chemical additives, biodegradable and recyclable. Such wood is resistant to varying weather conditions and does not require any final surface treatment. Chairs made of thermally modified ash wood look like being made of dark chocolate with well visible malted caramel structure. 

Modularity, ever-evolving concept for convenient furniture

Chairs are designed with the emphasis on linkage between function, construction and form. They are made of modular elements, which beside construction ease and compatibility of various models (Massimo-L1, Massimo-L2), brings advantages in production process and material savings. Beauty of chairs contributes to their usability, as usability is an important component of their beauty. They are light, elegant, stable and comfortable, suitable for furnishing of home places or various accommodation facilities. Elegance of simple but sophisticated wooden details is ideal choice for everyday luxury.

Beauty of fresh and elegant design

Massimo-L collection expresses multi-levelled beauty.

Its basic beauty is in details. Each element is carefully crafted down to the last detail. Design does not end on the surface of the product and does not focus only on what is visible. All parts, also those hidden to an eye or what one cannot touch on the surface, are coherent, well thought and fine crafted.

Its dematerialised design awakes transparency of the seat, which provides a look into the construction, and animates the play of shades on seats, and the play of gently rotated basic L-elements forming a seating shell.

Beauty is in the material and harmony between choice of wood and design character of the product. Solid wood is natural and beautiful, reflecting textures and structures in the products.

Finally, beauty is in usability and practicality. Although chairs are made of solid wood, they look light and actually are light.

Innovative development for original design

Innovative development based on modular design principles and people- and environment-friendly materials and technologies results in original design.

Innovation is in construction solutions and materials. Despite the use of solid wood, products are light. The core concept supports also relatively easy production of component parts. Two-dimensional elements of solid wood are set up into a three-dimensional product with wooden joints.

Universal basic construction is composed of the same modular elements and can host two types of seats: shell in which seat and back are joined in a common form (Massimo-L 2) or solution, where seat and back are separately fixed to the construction (Masimo-L 1). Construction and the shape of seats allow mutual stackability of both chairs: model Massimo-L 1 can seat upon Massimo-L2 and vice versa.

Innovative material. To address outdoor use and totally chemicals-free product, thermally modified wood Silvapro®, processed on the base of dry, chemicals free high heat treatment procedure, was used.

Various beneficiary effects reflected in usage- and environment-friendliness

Space-saving: Due to modular design mutually stackable chairs contribute to space-saving when they are stored.

Ergonomic: They follow ergonomic measures, support comfortable and healthy seating and, provide adjustable back (especially the model Massimo-L 2) which fits diverse users because of bending flexibility of material and construction.

Additional comfort: Light chairs are easy-to handle, easy to move or carry around. Made of wood, natural material, they are peasant to touch and provide the feeling of warmth.

Durability: Modular elements are easy to be replaced. For chairs made of solid wood it is easy to fix imperfections caused by usage, and much less need for getting new-one(s).

Ecology: 100% wooden product and CO2 foot-print: By nature, wood is composed of carbon that is captured from the atmosphere during tree growth and keeps being stored if used for wooden product, such as chair. CO2 foot-print goes lower also because of thermally modified domestic woods used for outdoor furniture. Since wide selection of domestic wood species from sustainable managed forests is applicable there is no need for transportation of exotic wood species and more forests can be saved.


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